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Located in laoling city, shandong province, and in the west of the efficient ecological area of Yellow River delta, Shandong taishan sports industry group is in the junction of Shandong and Hebei province, and in the intersection of DE marina highway and the new beijing-shanghai highway. 
After more than 30 years’ arduous pioneering, Taishan has realized the historic leap "from the kang" to the whole world, becoming the world's largest research and development production base of comprehensive sports equipment, artificial turf, sports leisure mats and scientific fitness exercise terminal, and becoming the famous international brand and the first brand in Chinese sports industry.


Professional Equipment Supplier of Global Events

Taishan Sports Industry Group Co., LTD. was founded in 1978, with a registered capital of RMB160 million yuan and employed more than 5000 employees. Taishan sports Industry Group is currently the largest comprehensive sports group and is known as a famous international brand and the first brand in the Chinese sports industry.
Taishan Group has more than a dozen subsidiaries, local branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jinan, Qingdao, etc., and international offices in the United States, Brazil, Russia, and Switzerland.
Our high-tech products range from: sports equipment, fitness path, various types of artificial turf, such as sports equipment, fitness path, various types of artificial turf, sports engineering, carbon fiber bicycle, sports leisure mats, XPE foam materials and online scientific fitness.
Taishan group serving the major sporting events in the world, the full realization of "zero error, zero fault, zero complaint", by the community known as the "national brand, the pride of the people".
Over the years, Taishan has excellent sports service in major sports events, the two session of the World , the three World University Games, the five Asian Games and World Championships and nearly a thousand individual domestic sporting events. Taishan sports has grown into the world's top event service providers.
Technical Innovation

Taishan Sports Plugs in the Wings to Fly

Technical Research and Development Strength of Taishan Sports

With multiple joint scientific research institutions, Taishan group has nearly thousands of R&d members at home and abroad.
Taishan is the only enterprise in the industry that has the “National Engineering Research Center for Sports Goods", which was evaluated as  an outstanding research center by the Ministry of Science and Technology. 
Taishan Sports also has “state-recognized enterprise technology centers ", "post-doctoral programme", "state-recognized laboratory", and many other national research and development platform.
Moreover, Taishan sets the precedent for national standards for more than 30 items, and more than 100 products have respectively passed IAAF, FIG, IJF, WTF, FILA and IWUF.
Carbon fiber bicycle and artificial turf of Taishan Group were listed into national torch plan. 
Four subordinate enterprises of Taishan were elected as the national and provincial high-tech enterprises. Taishan Sports has nearly one thousand authorized patents, including 145 invention patents and a number of international patents got in the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries as well as a number of leading international scientific and technological achievements.
International Taishan

Promoting Hign-Tech Fitness

International Influence of Taishan Sports
On November 3, 2014, during the SportAccord held in Lausanne, Switzerland, Taishan sports signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the SportAccord, comprehensively cooperating with more than 100 individual associations and more than 200 countries and regions  sports organizations. 
On November 7, 2015, the International University Sports Federation Conference was held in Lausanne, Switzerland. During the meeting, Taishan Sports signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FISU, becoming the only global partner of FISU. Taishan group will serve the world University Games and provide event services for more than 170 countries and regions, and will promote the construction of Idong scientific gym in more than 40000 colleges and universities around the world.
Meanwhile, in the World championships held by FISU and the 2017 Summer Universiade, Taishan Idong scientific gymnasium of Internet technology was first used, creating a precedent of "Internet + sports" technology serving international top competitions.
Over the years, Taishan Sports has maintained good communication and cooperation with the SportsAccord, FISU, Samaranch Sports Development Foundation and World Sports Organization of each individual sport associations.
In recent years, a number of members of the International Association Presidents and Secretary Generals, as well as sports officials from more than 150 countries and regions have visited Taishan Sports, and are willing to work with Taishan Sports in  international marketing and product development, etc, to carry out widespread cooperation.
Global Outlook

World Outlook of Taishan Sports

World outlook of Taishan sports.
As an international sports industry brand recognized by the whole world, Taishan Sports conscientiously implemented the strategy of "going out", and is strategic partner of many international sports organizations. 
In the future, Taishan sports will set up agent cooperation organizations in more than 200 countries and its sales and service network will extend all over the world, Taishan Sports will also cooperate with leading international  research institutes. With their global talents, we will promote our scientific research, sales, management, and brand.
Taishan Sports turns from manufacturing to formulating international and domestic standards, and then go out to world capital markets. Taishan sports will use global capital and resources to realize the goal of "both the annual output value and brand value exceed one hundred billion yuan ". Currently,Taishan Sports will fully realize internationalization, and excellently service the human health Industry.