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The China's first Olympic gold medal birth in men's taekwondo history on Taishan Sports mat

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  Once he was just an unknown sparring, bearing "strike" day after day.

  As an institute students, he participated in the Olympic Games for the first time on his 21 years old.

  From the sparring to the Olympic champion, Zhao Shuai, with the strength to write one of the most perfect "handsome(shuai)" for the man taekwondo!

In the evening of August 17th, Rio local time, Chinese player Zhao Shuai in the men's 58kg taekwondo final, won the gold medal with 6-4 victory over Thailand's Hanpulabu. This is the first gold medal in Chinese men's taekwondo Olympic history, created a Chinese men's taekwondo project the best results in the Olympic Games.


When people are still pity the Olympic champion Wu Jingyu missed three consecutive shocks, little-known former Zhao Shuai, kicked himself opponents reached the final step by step. In fact, Zhao Shuai has created a history to enter the Rio Olympic men's taekwondo -58kg final track. Before that, the best finish of Chinese men's taekwondo athletes in the Olympics is only two bronze medals. One is the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the men's Zhu Guo -80kg taekwondo, the other is 2012 London Olympic Games, Liu Xiaobo in the men's 80kg taekwondo obtained.

As Chinese Taekwondo rising star, who spend his 21st birthday before the game, Zhao Shuai is just a student at Southwest University Sports Institute. He, stout but yet flexible, is a rare "giant" type players with his 188cm tall. From 2009 into the Jiangsu Province taekwondo team, Zhao Shuai once served as women's taekwondo team sparring. Different from general sparring, smart Zhao Shuai didn’t sparring to complete identity mechanical, but in the bear "hit" repeatedly temper their skills and tactics, and gradually accumulate formed a "engaged" as the main play. The character of this play is that is no longer blindly relied on physical advantage to play more engaged, but take the initiative to stop harassing opponents, and other opponents want to fight back after a passive, to seize flaws engaged, the success rate also greatly improved.


It is relying on this highly creative and flexible technical and tactical play, Zhao Shuai's capability has improved rapidly, and began to emerge in the provincial team. In 2013 National Games semi-finals, Zhao Shuai four head hit record defeat opponents with the advantage of his tall, long legs , then obtained Games champion with the score 14 to 2. Since then, Zhao Shuai attack strongly in the subsequent various national competitions with his unique "engaged" style of play, showing overwhelming strength and boldness: He got 5th in 2014 Incheon Asian Games athletics men's 58kg taekwondo, the 3rd in 2015 world championships men's 58kg taekwondo.

Although the Chinese men's taekwondo in the Olympic has never got the gold medal, but the emergence of Zhao Shuaihas given great deal of hope to all the people. So the fact did. At the Rio Games, Zhao Shuai show indomitable vigor soon as he appeared. Round of 16, he defeated Cabrera from Spain with 7 to 3, finals 4- 1, victory over Ha Jiami from Morocco with 8 to 1, then again 9 to 4 players eliminated Valdez from Mexico.


In the finals, Zhao Shuai who dressed in blue helmets protective gear, the first innings lead 30 seconds kicked opponent's 1 point. 30 seconds left, Zhao Shuai got two consecutive kick score with 3-0 lead. The second game, Hanpulabu side kick 1 point, then 2 consecutive fined yellow card, Zhao Shuai got 1 point, the Council two sides battle into 1 to 1, both with a score of 4 to 1 to enter the deciding game. Deciding game, Hanpulabu have to take the initiative to restore the situation to attack, Zhao Shuai Flying leg counterattack score, Hanpulabu hit a record high leg Zhao Shuai head score. Last minute, both two sides more cautious, Zhao Shuai lead with 6-4, also the last 25 seconds is cautioned. However, he survived the last time Zhao Shuai still won the gold medal with a distinct advantage.

At the winning moment, Zhao Shuai was very excited, with his single finger towards the sky to celebrate with the winner's domineering look around the audience, and then hugged his coach. After his return to the floor again with a roar that day expressing their ecstasy, but also excited fist continuous roar of celebration. After the celebration, Zhao Shuai took over the flag from coach’s hands and celebrate it circling over their heads, proudly display the national flag in their hands. He realized the Chinese male athletes for generations taekwondo Olympic gold medal dream, showing China's domineering man also on the Rio stadium!


As the official exclusive equipment suppliers of Rio Olympic taekwondo, Taishan Sports witnessed the whole moment of glory Zhao Shuai gold medal.

Zhao Shuai swept the Olympic Games with his unique "engaged" style of play, Taishan Sports also conquered taekwondo players from around the world with its unique innovative taekwondo mat. taekwondo competition of the pad Tomplete with world-class design was Taishan Sports individually designed and developed, and its production cut by a high-pressure water from, like taekwondo Downward molding, antistatic, antibacterial also done on the defensive end of impeccable in focusing on environmental protection to achieve high standards of food grade at the same time, the degree of softness and slip astringent also made very comfortable foot feeling, so that players can play the best possible force and actions, both in development or end use, Taishan Sports innovation taekwondo mat sufficient to get the gold crown in this area.


After five Olympic Games, Chinese men's taekwondo has never give up the pursuit to Olympic gold medal;  the past 40 years, Taishan Sports are "doing a best taekwondo mat" wish groping forward. The mats from Taishan Sports, with generation after generation of Chinese taekwondo athletes, the temper forward, but also players in the foot on this over the bumpy road for the Chinese Taekwondo thorns quietly taken up all the way to calm and strong. Today, Zhao Shuai realized the dream of generations of Chinese Taekwondo people hope, and Taishan Sports also by virtue of their accumulated precipitation technology and brand, the growth of Taekwondo including 11 major items of supply for the Olympic Games in Rio nearly ten thousand pieces of equipment, the world's largest equipment and service providers, and the undisputed quality and level of service, to conquer the athletes from around the world.


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